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PJ Simmons and Andrew McPeak with Medici Project


P.J. Simmons

P.J. serves as the Director of Organizational Development and University Relations at Medici Project. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and with a background in service learning, P.J.’s desire is to see individuals live out a lifestyle of selfless love towards others. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Andrew McPeak

Getting his start at Bryan College in Dayton, TN working with the Worldview Initiative, Andrew joined Medici Project in Jan of 2014 as the Director of Worldview and Urban Missions. Andrew’s heart is to see Millennials understand how their values can affect their future.  Connect with him on Twitter ,Facebook and LinkedIn.

Scott Tanksley with Authentity

Scott Tanksley Authentity

Scott Tanksley

Scott has 5 years experience in corporate real estate, 10 years in management and leadership coaching.
He loves a good game in almost any sport, and rarely meets an ice cream he can’t become best friends with. Scott and his family reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with him here.

Authentity builds authentic engagement and community strategy for companies. Essentially, a company’s success is dependent on their ability to connect with people: their employees and their customers. Authentity has designed a system to help companies do this in an authentic, intelligent way.  Follow them on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Aileen Cole – Insightpool and Jason Dominy – Dalton Agency talk SXSW


Aileen Cole – Insightpool

Aileen is a part of the awesome team of young go-getters who make up Insightpool. As Director of Social Media for Atlanta’s fastest growing social tech startup, Aileen recently had the honor of traveling to exciting nationwide social media conferences like WOMMA in Nashville, BlogWell in Orlando, SXSW in Austin, and SMMW in San Diego. She loves connecting with other fun people both locally in person and virtually on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jason Dominy – Dalton Agency

Jason Dominy started in the social media marketing space when it first began, and for the past 6.5 years has been on the brand-side, working in the specialty coffee community for coffee roasters. While there, his focus was primarily on social strategy, community management,engagement, influencer marketing, events and training. In July of 2013 he joined the agency world with Moxie/Engauge, where he wrote and oversaw content and social strategies for brands like Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, UPS and Chick-fil-A.  He recently moved to the Dalton Agency in Atlanta, where he oversees social strategy, content and consumer/brand engagement for the Atlanta Dalton Agency office.

He has been incredibly happily married to April for the past (almost) 12 years. He drives MINI exclusively, and plays disc golf every chance he gets.  Connect with on him Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and Tumblr